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Our mold inspection methods are second to none. We follow the mold assessment protocols closely to meet industry standards. Our thorough techniques will assure the safety of your family and pets.


There are many types of mold strands out there. Some are relatively innocuous and some are downright harmful. We will make sure to test our samples and let you know what’s been living in your home. 

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The mold remediation services we offer are backed by almost two decades of experience. We can make sure that your mold problem goes away and our treatments and cleaning methods will guarantee you a cleaner and safer home.

Mold Remediation and Restoration

Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation is necessary any time there are elevated mold counts in a home or office.


The mold test results can help determine which ares have elevated levels of mold and mildew growth


The goal of containment is to limit the spread of mold throughout the building in order to minimize the exposure of remediators and building occupants to mold


The process of mold removal depends largely on the areas affected and the size of the mold exposure.

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Kind Words From Our Customers

All Pro Water Damage did a phenomenal job removing the mold damage that was in my bathroom and remediating the problem. Once they worked their magic, my bathroom was mold free and ready for action!


Michael R., St. Petersburg, FL

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Our certified staff of expert mold remediators and mold assessors are here to help you through the difficult process of removing these potential health hazards from your indoor environment.

Our knowledgeable staff has over 15 years of experience in the mold, water damage, and insurance claims industries.


Right here is the concern: A Great deal of people are most likely to fantastic sizes to make certain that there is no mold in their residences.


As a happy house owner, you can possibly recognize the basic aesthetic factors for stopping the development of mold in your home.


A mold allergic reaction can be misdiagnosed as being an allergy to an aroma or a food. The most common hatred mold manifests itself as asthma.

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